Tuesday, March 30, 2010


... Summer is coming. Be sure to not get too STOAKED.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bombing Arkansas Style

This video was sent in by Andy over at B&E Boards in Fort Smith Arkansas. If you ever find yourself in the area stop in a check them out. Sick footage guys keep it up.

B & E Boards
Suite 15 - 7320 Rodgers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Trampolines are more dangerous than Skateboards...

1 Trampoline + 3 grown Men (children at heart) + multiple house party activities = 1 Broken Neck.

Greg, Landyachtz employee, is now lovingly referred to as "Kripp G" by all his friends. Please bounce responsibly and if a trampoline can do this just think of what a skateboard at high speeds could do. Helmet's on heads people.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shhhhhh... Boobies!

Emily has organized a silent auction at the Steam Whistle Brewery (in Toronto) tomorrow (March 24th) at 8 PM. Proceeds from the event are going to breast cancer research, so show up and throw down. Landyachtz has contributed a one of a kind Stout prototype complete, to be bid on. Rocker'd with wheel wells and stiffer than it's ever been... hope you like.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dropping on Thursday

Drop: My Life Downhill from marc mccrudden on Vimeo.

This movie is premiering here in Vancouver at the Rickshaw Theater, located at Main and Hastings. Doors open at 7, prizes and giveaways before the show. The after party, is at The Met Pub down the street, and Tickets for the show are available at Underworld's new Vancouver Location, and possibly at the door.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kibbling wins in a G-String!

Hugh "Kibbling" Johnson, Landyachtz family friend, won the Kangaroo Outlaw race over in Australia. For those of you who follow the blog, you'll recognize Kibbling from the videos he's sent our way which chronicle his adventures down under. Hughs got balls, racing in a G-string while everyone else is in full leathers...well done mate. Congratulations Hugh, can't wait to see you back in Canada soon.

Here is an article from the Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA):

Kibbling Draws Blood in the Valley

On Sunday the 7th of March, skaters from Canberra and Sydney gathered in Kangaroo Valley on the South Coast to compete in the first Outlaw race to be held in NSW. The event was proudly supported by Adrenaline+ had been organized by the Canberra 'Dirty Downhill' crew Owen Davies and Henry King and went off without a hitch. The day provided some fast racing and plenty of sideways action.

The hill was located at the bottom of Kangeroo Valley, near one of the Sydney Downhill crew's favorite hills '7 Pins' and consisted of fast sweeping turns into a ridiculously tight and steep left hand hairpin before the finish line. Racers pushed off from the start line and swapped leading positions in a drafting battle all the way down into the corner where numerous lines of urethane were painted across the road along with plenty of skin. It was surely a test of who could hold their lines best after washing off speed from around 75k's to a slow 15-20k's to make the corner clean. There was a mix of styles with some riders getting seriously sideways and sliding heavily into the corner while others were throwing down long and hard footbreaks with plenty of smoke pouring from their shoes.

The format for racing started off with a round-robin style points system, with 10 heats run awarding points for higher positions and then tallied to seed 4 riders into one final heat to determine the winner and runners up. Each rider was carefully seeded into the first 10 rounds to ensure they got to race 4 times and faced every other rider twice.

After all the primary heats were run there were 4 riders on the start line ready to take home victory: Hugh 'Kibbling' Johnston from Vancouver BC, Luca Coleman (Hopkin Racing team rider) from Sydney NSW along with Owen Davies and Henry King from Canberra ACT. It was definitely an MA15+ final as Kibbling decided to show off a little and run the finals in a g-string.

Kibbling had been looking fast all day, he had won all his heats and was always the first into the corner and ran every run clean, until the finals. Kibbling was way out in front coming into the corner but had a little too much speed when he threw down an impressive (yet disturbing in a g-string) toe-side pre-drift. However the 3 other racers also had a little too much victory on their minds and scrubbed out. It was a scramble for boards and Kibbling was the quickest back on the road to take a wheel's-length victory in front of Henry, followed closely by Owen and Luca.

The event was run smoothly. There was excellent communication from the bottom of the hill all the way to the top via radios to secure the track and make sure it was safe to run heats without any traffic. All the locals were stoked to see people ripping down the hill on skateboards and were more than happy to hang out and watch the action.
The biggest upset of the day was Hugh's crash after the finals: After he crossed the finish line he wasn't paying full attention to where he was going and one of his back wheels clipped the side of the road, spitting him off his board. Wearing only a g-string, there was a painful amount of road-rash in places you just don't ever want to get it. He will definitely be feeling that one for a few days.

Big thanks go out to Owen and Henry for putting on the event and also to Adrenaline+ for supporting the event with prize packs.
Also big thanks go out to Manchild, Melissa, Michelle and Jacko for manning the radios to ensure everyone had a safe run down the hill, and also thanks to Blackwood for supplying 'Pappa Smurf' to shuttle the crew up and down the hill all day.
HUGE thanks go out to all the crew who showed up to SHRED THE GNAR!
The appropriate amount of gnar was definitely shredded on this day. Well done to all who raced.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you have 3 minutes and:53 seconds to waste then waste is on this

Turn your speakers up and enjoy this unique music video...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special Lunches...

We work really hard over here at Landyachtz and it's nice to go for a good home cooked vegetarian lunch every now and again. One of our favorite spots is Deserts on Commercial Drive. Momma Deserts works so hard too keeps us healthy and full with her daily chefs specials and delicious samosas. The Chef special changes daily and comes with rice, three different vegetarian curries and a side of naan bread. My personal favorite are the samosas with added creamy sauce. We go here two or three times a week...its that good! Pop on by for a great affordable lunch that is always served with a smile. Thanks Momma for the many great meals.

Deserts Restaurant
905 Commercial Dr
Vancouver BC
V5L 3W8
Ph: 604-568-0776

Monday, March 8, 2010

I look forward to ...

... belly rubs and scratches behind the ears. Word on the street is Hugh and Mellisa will be back in the hood in a little over a week. Can't wait!

shit on anne from hugh johnston on Vimeo.

...are you guys bringing The Shadow back with you?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today is a good day for Mike McGoldrick...

His brand new board, the 9 Two 5, was released this afternoon and it looks sicker than ever. Here we see Mike getting handed his vary own foam core version of the board...Cheers Mike!

An interview with Mike was posted up on Skateslate.com earlier today to help launch the board. Have a read over it and see what Mike had to say about designing the Board.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Sign!

The Seconds Shop got a face lift today. Come on by at 1221 Glen Dr and check out this hand built sign for yourself. It maybe the eighth man made wonder of the world.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

While the zombies partied in the streets

This crew of rippers were playing there own games... killing Zombies in the BP's.

Unkle.ca HD Vancouver from UNKLE.CA on Vimeo.

And these people have a problem with privatized profit when it's coupled with socialized debt.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is what happens when Canada wins a Gold Medal in Mens hockey...

Canada beats the States in Olympic hockey...the city goes nuts. One GIANT day long street party. Here's a taste of the action.