Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween From Landyachtz

Thanks to Joel Linafelter for sending us this sweet jack-o'lantern photo! Now do the Monster Mash...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Billy Bones Slide Gloves

Billy shows you all the cool things you can do while wearing his new Slide Gloves.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mid West Tour Part 2

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Straight to the horses mouths...

From Travis:
We landed in Medoza on Thurday and hooked up with some locals and headed to Potrero De Los Funes, where the race is held. All three of us slept in a car the first night, we hit the race hill early, met the locals, and started runs... Such a wild course. It's 2 min + of balls to the walls high speed sweepers, on the verge of drifting. Some crazy fast pack runs, wild course... qualified today with powerful head winds and deceiving rain, it went well for the three of us. We're staying with the Chileans in a cabana rocking Argentinan meat bbq.

From Max:
Snake Skeleton was crazy, Race day had a gnarly tail wind, 6man heats on a 2min + run. Semi finals I was up with dalua, danky, James, niko, and another buddy I cant remember. I ended up snaking a crazy inside line in the last big corner and stole a first, finals were straight stupid, everyone making passes everywhere, elbows up flying  through corners . Danky rolled away first. Dillon 5th and me 6th. All the North Americans destroyed the party.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Words from South America

Travis sent us this...
"yo man, everything is awesome down here. the race was a 3 day festival this year. all practice the first day, 4 qualifying runs in the morning of day 2, and racing on day 3,  dillon qualified 1st, max 8th, me 9th overall. we all met up in the quarter finals and had an epic run with max, passing back and forth, the fucker got me in the end. it rained for the semis, and pisssed rain for the finals. max won the concies, and dillon made a sick pass of switzer for the win. just an epic techy track, tons of spectators and fine ass senoritas. well put together event with food music, the works.. a wild after party, all the spectators and racers were invited. awards, music, cervesas just fucking epic"

... and Katie had this to say.
"Well, we all made it to Colombia and needless to say we are having a good time!  The 4 of us showed up separately starting with Max, who came a full week early to attend an event and skate the mountains in Medellin before the festival.  Next up, I flew into Bogota for the third time this year, followed by Travis shortly after, then Dillon, fresh from the midwest tour.  The race weekend was pretty awesome, plenty of dry runs, and as usual some wet, but overall a good atmosphere.  Dillon qualified 1st by almost 2 seconds, then the 3 of them found each other on the start line for the third round of racing.  With Travis stepping out in third, Dillon went on to win the open division for an epic soaking wet final and Max finished 5th overall after destroying the consi.  

The boys are continuing on to Argentina tomorrow and I'll be flying home to Vancouver for some local fun.

Mas Fiesta!!"


Lunch on the run from Hopkin Skate on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone has their own style

Mark rides a Peacemaker like no other... Meow are those yellow Monster Hawgs?