Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shredding it North Tour Part 1.

Words from Mr. Adam Yates.

DAY 1. 

What a crazy way to start off, or should i say finish off a very long 30 hours of traveling to the US. I arrived in LA and the BEAR Van with Pat, Guff and DaveR was there to grab me. We head straight for the Landyachtz factory in Compton. The first thing on my mind is the killer heat. The US is having a major heat wave and the temps are around 105-118F( 40C?????). Coming from winter on the other side, I can see this is going to take some getting used too. Say g'day to all the punters there and then catch some of the crew down at Long  Beach for a few beers and dinner. Don't get back to SkateHouse till half 11 and I'm rolled out on the floor asleep at Midnight.

Typical with getting an early start in LA, we rose at 5 and hit the road soon after. Loaded up the car with a new face, Stephen Vaughn and also a good buddy from home Jacob has been hooked up once again by the team at LY to document the trip! I see why there's the necessity to be up so early. With 3 times the total population of Australia, California seems to never stop. Still at that hour there's mondo traffic jams and probably a good thing for us, they aren't a worry.

Stop at the the foothills at a rad town called Rancho Kookamunga to get the supplies needed. Towels, tents, straps, soap, thongs, all the norm! We gotta get out to get Kyle (from the seconds shop) as he arrives in Vegas and we're still 200 miles away and he arrives in half an hour. Sorry buddy, u'll be waiting!

So far today we've driven in California, with Nevada soon to come, Arizona, then ending in Utah! The desert is bare and its even hotter out here. U look around and there's no life what so ever. Small shrubs, rocks and sand. Nothing except a tonne of traffic and a road that looks to be melting.U know we have crossed into Nevada because of the Casino's. They're everywhere here. Its the only state in the US that allows a whole lotta gambling and other legalised paraphinalia. Way out here? I guess that's why the Mob back in the day did it, cause it was so remote!

Vegas. Bright lights and pretty girls. Na man, not today. Waves of heat rising from the ground and peeps seem to be all indoors. We grab Kyle from the airport and hit the strip. Epic to see the volume of Casinos and the efforts gone to re-create some of the different parts of the world.

Head out to Hoover Dam and on the way we jam a little spot thats loaded with ditches. Did i mention its hot. Still jet lagged, tired and feel in the heat, i opted out but Kyle, DaveR and Steve got down and jammed hard. It was epic to see the boys tearing the banks to bits! Jacob and myself are suffering. He and Guff are getting the shots and I'm being the water boy, keeping hydrated in these temps is necessary.

Hoover Dam was constructed back in 1932 to dam the Colorado river, and be that the birth of Lake Mead.  We do the tourist thing and lurk wall side for an hour. I think we're all blown away by the sheer size of the dam. For 71 years old, its still in great condition. Time to scrub the JEDUS. Head down to the lake and drive the van right up to the the water. Boys are stoked but its just not cutting it. Its hot and the wind is even hotter. Its like being in a fan forced oven on high. The waters hot. The winds hot. I took the opportunity to have a shave, first one I've ever had in a lake! My eyeballs feel like they are burning. Looking at DaveR and his cherry glossed face, i know he's feeling the heat too!

So we bail toward Salt Lake City. Drive North for 2.5 hours through the twilight, watching a storm off in the west, lightning bolts and all. Following the GPS, we turn up at a detention centre? agh, i don't think so. We opt to drive a little more into the unknown and stay out at Quail Creek State Park. Its still HOT. its midnyt again and its gotta be still in the ball park of high 30's. To late to set up the tent, we all russle and find somewhere roomily comfy to sleep. Guff and Jacob are on the ground, Im on the roof and the other three are in the van! Its gonna be a hard night of sleeping.

DAY 2. 

Woke in style. Guff gets it done. So many times on the Palm Trees and Pits tour, i left the sleep destinations up to Guff and he always delivered. He delivered once again. We woke lakeside in the beautiful surroundings of Quail Creek State Park. Epic. Thing is, its still killer hot and the suns only just come up. We head to the water and have a swim and a scrub, lurk there in the cool water for a little. Good thing we have a somewhat chill day today cause I'm not feeling like movin to quick at all. Breaky and coffee is the call!

Hit the road and drive through a series of valleys with mountains rollin on both sides! Its still hot and the lack of sleep last night meant that the lads in the back slept most the way. All good, got the main man Guff in the front mixing beats! Make a stop at the Zion National Park and Kolob Canyon. Its epic. Looking around its completely different from the desert. Massive sandstone gorges and an abundance of greenery! The views epic. Guff and Jacob get the goods out and the boys are keen to shred and get a few pics with the background. After a quick chat with the local ranger, we told her we weren't up to trouble and she left us. Skate we did and its all documented with the lads getting it all.

Roll into Salt Lake mid afternoon and catch up with local lad, Connor Wagner and his homies. We chilled and dribbled some shit for 10 and the plan was made to hit the campus. The Uni Campus is new, pretty nice looking with a heap of new construction going on. Its situated on the side of one of the town hills so all the pathways are obviously downhill. Things got a little crazy here this afternoon. The locals were out to prove themselves and there were still a few seviians wondering through the grounds. On one of the runs that we took down the urban roads beside the campus, Guff and me got a little lost. Was all good wen we found our way back! The local 5-0 came and threw some heat at a small group of us as we sat in the carpark waiting for the lads. Same old shit really. To much time on they're hands and after being accused of stuff we didn't know anything about, i decide to tell him as a first timer to Salt Lake City, I didn't appreciate his attitude and accusations. Next was an apology! Yeah bra. 1 back for the sk8 community!

Wound the later parts of the day at the local sk8 park out on the west end of town. Its not a bad little park with some nice sections of bowl, a few rails and flat banks. Its great to see Stephen getting down and thrown smiths and feeble's on the rails. All the boys are getting a few in. I tell ya I'm glad that its finally started to cool down! 

To be continued. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rain rain every year....

The crew in Waterloo knows how to have fun in spite of adverse weather conditions.

Thanks for sending in this event video! Meow you can find more info here... facebook.com/groups/255447091163678/

Monday, July 15, 2013

Khatsahlano Jam

Over the weekend, we held our first ever longboard jam and safety session at the Khatsahlano Music and Art festival. We were fortunate enough to have been given an extremely generous section of west 4th to showcase Landyachtz and the culture behind the brand. Throughout the day we invited people off the street to come and test out our demo longboards. We also had a large number of local riders come out and take advantage of the safe environment to practice their tricks and get some tips from the pros. We would like to thank the Kitsalano BIA and Brands Live for putting on such an amazing event. We also would like to thank Longboard Labs for their major support, and a congratulations to them on their grand opening!
Click here and check out the video!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Evolution of riding switch...

Is not riding switch? Meow I'm really confused.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Skate Session : July 2nd

The second of two Landyachtz Skate Sessions happened yesterday in North Vancouver. The main goal behind the sessions was to help kids learn to ride safely, and for them to encourage their friends to skate safe as well. A few of the Landyachtz crew provided tips on how to stop, as well as the key basics for skating smart. There were about 50 kids that showed up, and we were stoked to skate with everyone! It was great to see that many kids that care about their skate community. Thanks to everyone that came out, you guys rock!

 Here are the points:

Skating is a privilege, and it is up to you to protect that! Follow these rules at all times:

   1.      -Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety equipment (ie. gloves, knee pads)

   2.       -Master your braking techniques in a safe and closed area

   3.       -Always stay in your lane and never blow a stop sign

   4.       -Never tow riders from a vehicle

   5.       -Be aware of traffic and always pull over for cars behind you

   6.       -Expect the unexpected – it doesn’t matter who’s at fault, it’s you that’s on the line!