Friday, September 28, 2012

The Mid West Tour is Underway

And it looks like the crew is having a great time south of the 49th parallel (north).

Don't forget to check out the rest of the tour dates HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This explains things...

I was wondering why the factory was strangely empty last Thursday. Turns out according to Liam's blog, the bosses paid everyone to play in the park. Looks like they had lots of fun. If only cats could throw discs.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Music Video

... looks like the team is hitting the big time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whistler Longboard Festival 2012

Unkle sure puts on an epic event. Next year.... BE THERE!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skate the Forest

This event has been running for a number of years in various incarnations. It used to be a race, now we all just get to hang out and have fun. There is an online auction that closes Sept 20th, get your gear HERE. Be sure to check out .

Friday, September 14, 2012

The trip towards the World Champs 2012

Words by Adam Yates:
Not long after getting home from the Cathlamet road trip with Striker and the F bomb,  i turn around again to hit the road east with some of the team. Nick Breton, Travis Craig, Justen Ortiz, Graham Badner and myself are all leaving early to do the Landy thing and visit shops in the Edmonton/Calgary area. Local 124 is one of the OG shops in the Edmonton area and Mike Sanders is the man when it comes to supplying the local groms of the area with all their stoke needs.

Nicks parents put us up in their home and wat a sleep! The mission home from Cathlamet was long and then to drop Kyle out at Abbotsford added another hour to a 7 hour drive. Got home and had 4 hours sleep to do it all again. 12 of the best east and I’m telling ya i was stoked to get a good night of sleep. The breakfast that we had that morning was mondo, home cooked Quiche Lorrain courtesy of mumzi Breton, Thanks Kathy! One of the best break’s id had in a long time. Wat a way to welcome us to Edmonton!!
Nick threw down and played a great host. We walked the main drag of Whyte Ave and had a beer at his old watering hole the Strathcona Hotel. We also got lucky with a few free give-aways – cold iceies on this sweaty day in Edmonton was a delicious treat. Off to Local 124 mid arvi and what a crew. All the groms had turned out and were all asking questions on how to do this and that.  It’s always great to share ya knowledge and spread the stoke! Had a jam on the local mini ramp and then it was time to session the River Valley pathways. Some tight lil drops and some real sketchy pavement but hey, why not! It was sick just to lurk in the park and session with all the Local crew. As the day drew to an end, it was back to the shop, passed a few Hotrods on the way. Old boys out enjoin they’re rides! At Local124, we had a small lil autograph session and a jam on the ramp. Jacob Dutton is new to the Landy team and was really thrown down showing his skills on transition! yeah bra!

Guess its time for eats and we’re off to Mike’s house for the hell cook up. Who knows where we’ll end up? Its Edmonton and I’m sure Nick’s keen to catch up with a few of his ol drinkin buddies! The colonel and his wife Jane threw down on some burgers and beers at their pad. Inspired by Jodie (Shnitzel) Wilcock, Mike had made himself a sweet CNC and was setup in his garage. It even played songs, the theme song from Tetris! It was like the man pad from hell, everything a lad needs; A wood fire oven, a CNC, a beer fridge and a few lil lady’s on the walls!

Apparently the last two night nicks dogs have been comin down of a night time jumping all over Justin who’s been kipped up in a corner on the floor. Last night was no different and stories were shared over a mondo breaki cook up again supplied by Kathy! Its been raining over night here so a late start and the plan to go get our dress shirts on was made. Off to Value Village and Winners to see what threads they had. All walked out with some baller collars ready for the Pro session at Easy Rider skate shop, another one of the Edmonton sk8 shops that stock Landyachtz products. Sittin here at Callingwood sk8 park in our fine threads watching Dutton throw down flip tricks of all sorts. Open park, not too much flow but if ya got ya shit down, I’m sure you could get some hell lines!
Easy Rider’s owner Warren Currie greeted us and gave us a tour of the shop. They had some sweet stuff from Longboards to Wake and S-Up paddle and Snowboards. Was sweet walking round the shop and doing the pro thing. There was a good lil turnout of groms. A lot more mellow than that yesterday of 124. Had a hell lil cook up and had a jam on his lil outdoor street setup. Great arvi spent there. Now off to the Breton household for another tasty home cooked meal and some hell chilled beer. I think we’re gonna impress Nicks mum with our new collars! Dinner was a real treat, the best I’ve eaten on the road for sho! Thanks Kathy for looking after us and welcoming us into your home!
Last night got a lil rowdy. Holy! late one but that didn’t stop us from hitting the road well before lunchtime. Calgary’s a 3 and a half hour drive south from Edmonton, through farm land. Flat as and the road is pretty much one boring shitty assed straight HWY. I guess its all good, just another part of this rad country that i can say I’ve driven through. On the out-skirts of Calgary theres a mondo shop for the outdoor addict. Its called the Bass Pro Shop and Outdoor centre. the place is mental. It’s like walking straight into an indoor forest. There were stuffed animals of all sorts, a mondo fish tank with trout and salmon, all ya campin and hunting needs and all the camp gear to hide from preying eyes! Hands down the best outdoor shop I’ve been in!
Royal Boardshop and Calgary has come to play, grommets everywhere. Steve from the shop had prepared a small lil event around the blocks behind the shop, sorta like a challenge of different activities. There were 7 challenges ranging from hippy jumps to manuals and early grabs! Groms whre stoked to get out and get the challenges marked off on the score card. We gathered to announce the winners and Sector team had rolled in. Jacko, louis and the usual punters from the Team. it was good to see some old faces not seen in ages. Eric, Adam and Freddy had come from Sweden too. Bailed the shop and went to the hill to tag up the hill with BEAR graphs. It was epic to be able to legally graph a public road! sweet deals! Lookin forward to the next 3 days here on the hill with all me mates! Its gonna be rad....