Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Field Report : Ntence Decentz Tour 2013

DAY 5. Moa Testicle Facility!

Frothin! ready to hit the facility again and it can't come soon enough! Ive been doing  RND on some new thane and I'm eager to get out and make the comparisons on yesterdays thane sessions!  Gabe and Chad had a vid to shoot today and with the ol 'spy' apparently being out and about from lunch, they too were keen to get a start.

Met by the local dawgs, we head through the gate! Similar conditions from yesterday except the wind be blowin down the hill stronger today. With the first runs under the belts peeps started doin wat they do. The boys hit the corners with they're vid and the rest of us just  hit runs. With countless runs under the belt Speedy called it and we bounced to get lunch and gas.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Man Slide Jam

Former Landyachtz Employee and ripper Justin Abrioux is traveling around Australia right now. He hooked up with Heelside Magazine and this is the result. Slick editing eh!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Field Report : Ntence Decentz Tour 2013

Day 4. Testicle Facility.

Had a pretty shitty sleep last night eh. Wasn't Anything to do with the accommodation, Speedy had hooked it up again. Just the damn sandflies. We're stayin at the beautiful Pakiri Beach not even 10 minutes from the hill. Its such a nice little beach park, right on a river that leads to the ocean.  At this time of year the sands built up over the mouth and the river isn't flowing. All good. The beach makes up for it! Cant wait to hit that again later.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Field Report : Ntense Decentz Tour 2013

Day 3. Mungas SE to "The Testicle Facility"

Well there it is. Wat a start to the day eh. Bluebird skies and a health trip of granola and yogurt, and we set out for the hill. Toady was gonna be the last time we were gonna sk8 the Mungamukas and we weren't about to go easy. The runs where fast and tight. Being Monday morning there were a bunch more trucks makin their way to or from the job! All good, 1 truck - 10 truck. Got busy with some filming too! Jaco gets out and sets up while the rest of us get to froth on the fast sweeping turns.  Api loves showin us down this one. He's always up there in the lead group or makin his way from the back. Its a great hill for fast lines and drafting! The pavement for the most part is sticky and banked and the less deece pavement wasn't at all hard to ride. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Field Report : Ntence Decentz Tour 2013

DAY 2. More frothing at Mungamuka

G what a sleep. I think I can speak for the tribe and say that we all slept pretty damn well. Late night games of dice and a mountain of food would suggest that anyhow! Had the hell sleep in and I think for good reason. There had been some early morning rain and the roads outside were a little wet. the sky had that 'morning sickness' look to it. Time to lurk and chill and word is me homie Cam is feelin a little under the weather. Poor fella threw chunks even before we had hit town for breaky.
Jacob Lambert:Pic

Time we had a feed and got to the hill. The sun had some serious punch! While the weather and road had taken a turn for the good, Cam had hit a wall. Looked like death had been ran over by a logging truck. Heavy bra! While we hit the hill, Cam laid at the top. Not much else he coulda done.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Field Report : Ntence Decentz Tour 2013

Day 1. Auckland heading North.
Jacob Lambert:Pic

Epic. feels so good to be back in the land of the long white cloud about to get rad on the fine curves the North Island has to offer. Its to be a smaller group of rad lads and a far cry from last years 20 odd. We got 11 crew from all round the planet. Matt k, Gabe, Bondy, Speedy, Kam, Api, The Chad, Jacob and two new friends to add to the ever growin family, Gavin from Calgary and Jordan from Albany, and myself. Good times are just around the corner…..literaly!

The van that we are using this year is a Mercedes TD, seats 14 and is comfy as to lurk in on the way to the hills. Its gonna be a long 5 hour drive up the North Cape to  Mungamuka. Sit back and get our chill on was the call. There wasn't too much sleep last night, i guess the anticipation of the adventure had us sleeping lightly. Good thing it was a long drive, plenty of time to chill. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Field report : GP Offshore

Max G checking in from an island somewhere in the Atlantic. 
 We've been skating some of the gnarliest roads under the sun with some amazing riders.  

 We had a session with some crazy locals on a closed road.  We had the free time to play all day, so we emptied my skate bag and used it as a cooler, 
 and of course in good 'ol use what you got fashion... the BBQ was in a ditch on the side of the road. 

We went exploring in an abandoned building near where we were staying.  Found some pretty crazy stuff to say the least. Including an abandoned well shaft and some old cars. Obviously we left no trace of our presence.


We had a nice touristy day and went up to the volcano at 3300m... 

 I'll let you dream about that road, you'll probably see it soon enough in the greener pastures videos!

We head north and out into the desert soon. Whole new geography. Whole new set of roads.

Catch ya on the flip-pity flop


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

G is for Guff

... who lived under the sea. He makes rad videos for Landyachtz, I wonder what the next one might be?

Check out his interview in Thane Magazine HERE.