Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2013 Grim Mountain Downhill Race

Over the weekend the Landyachtz team in europe were racing in the highlands of the Czech Republic at the 2013 Grim Mountain Race. The course was 2.3 km long with speeds reaching upwards of 80 km/h. The race had roughly 180 participants to start. Through endless practice runs, and qualifying, the Landyachtz team managed to come out on top. The open finals for the four top spots included,Billy Meiners,Andrew Chapman,Dillon Stephens, and Max Wipperman. The final result, 1st:Andrew Chapman 2nd:Dillon Stephens  and 3rd:Max Wipperman. Congratulations dudes, you killed it!

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feipeng wu said...

It must be exciting and funny.