Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Josh "Wild" Wright in the Canadian outdoors. Part 1

Canadian Wilderness Expedition Day #1

Woke up at 7:30 am to Nick grinding some coffee beans in the kitchen. Still drunk from the night before, I staggered out of bed and began packing immediately. The Eh Team van swung through at 8 sharp to pick me up. Guff, Jacob, Yatesy, and Frankie all greeted me with an excited “Goodmorning Cunt!”. We ripped over to Charlie's place to pick him up before heading over to the legendary Bon’s for an awesome, cheap and delicious breakfast with crappy coffee. After Bon’s breaky we split and began the long voyage north on the Sea to Sky Highway. It was my first time on the gorgeous Sea to Sky and there were some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen! Mountains meet the ocean in the most spectacular way. The dense, low slung clouds seemingly consumed the mountain tops giving off a vibe of mystery.

 Making a quick stop in Squamish to buy some flats of beer (Fuck man! Canada charges an arm and leg for booze. What the hell is the deal man!) and some brooms from the local hardware store and we are back on the road!  As we approached Whistler I thought it was about time for a shotgun, this sudden “Shotgun!” call became a standard on the trip. Beautiful sights = Shotgunnism. We made a quick stop for a quick beer and a piss then back on the road!

 Yatesy is the man when it comes to keeping on schedule. A short drive after the shotgun stop we make a detour at Ben Dubreuil’s to say “What's up!?”. Yup, that means another beer or three. While at Ben’s the sky opened up a little and wet the roads down. So we took a ride up this rad gnarly highway road and my ears kept popping around every hairpin. Fuck man this road was righteous!! Steep as fuck with tight hairpins. About half way up the road we entered those still low-hanging clouds. Fog all around, cold damp air engulfing us.We rip up this mountain and after a bit we stumble across a rad river with a massive log jam spanning the width. We burn out into the turn off, kick our shoes and socks off, roll up out pants and sprint to the water. A solid 13* Celsius and we are freezing in the pissing rain trying to make our way out onto the logs.

 After a few minutes we decided this was too awesome of a place to not shotgun a beer. We throw back a beer, take a leak and run back to the van to blast the heat.

 After a good time climbing and descending we enter a small mountain town that I can’t pronounce the name of. This town was in a valley surrounded with breath taking mountain views and a big raging river tearing through the heart of it.

 The weather cleared and the sun started peeking through. We hit up the market to get dinner in order. After the market we split to find Charlie's mystery cabin in the woods. We got a little lost but Yatesy's internal GPS held it together [because our phones had zero service] and we found the way here. A delicious pasta, garlic bread and salad dinner was whipped up by Frankie and Yatesy [Thanks guys it was delicious!]. A few beers later, we were all nice and relaxed and enjoyin’ the view.

Guff was trying to nail down his knife throwing skills and Jacob and I attempted to fish in the lake (to no avail). The sky cleared briefly and we got a short view of the stars as the sky darkened. The temperature dropped with the setting sun and the Fireball kept us warm late into the night.

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