Friday, December 6, 2013

Breaking in the van : Behind the scenes

In the spring of 2013, Landyachtz purchased a 15 seat van, and what not a better way to break it in, then a mission down the pacific coast. The trip consisted of Nick Breton, Travis Craig, Dave Rudgers, Kyle Martin, Jon Huey taking photos, and Dave Leslie on the video. Some of the photos you see below are those that were featured in the Breaking in the Van artical from the SkateSlate early summer edition, plus a few extras that weren't included. The footage captured on this trip was injected into different product videos, but there was still many hours of behinds the scenes footage, that had yet to be edited and seen by the public. Check out this awesome 10 minute video that shoes the chaos and awesomeness that goes on during these road trips!

Breaking in the van SkateSlate Article- Here

The Breaking in the van crew.
Photo: Travis Craig.

Travis and Dave not wasting anytime.
Photo: Jon Huey

The boys taking advantage of the remote back country roads.
Photo: Jon Huey

Kyle Martin made this corner his slave!
Photo: Jon Huey

Here is why.
Photo/Gif: Jon Huey

Dave Rudgers and the Loco in their natural habitat.
Photo: Jon Huey

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